Top 7 Reasons to Join a Wine Club

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October 2, 2017 | Blog | Cass Wines

Top 7 Reasons to Join a Wine Club

Good wine, and the appreciation of good wine, enriches life in a way that has been enjoyed by generations of people from the very dawn of civilization. If you’re one among them (or if you’re a wine connoisseur), then perhaps you’ve already considered joining a wine club. And if you’re wondering whether it’s indeed a good idea, here are some of the top reasons why you should probably go ahead and join one.


1) Attractive incentives

Along with your wine club membership come a whole host of other rewards, such as invitations to some of the most exclusive wine tasting events or passes to wine exhibitions in your city. If you’re taking your first steps on the path to discovering all about wines, these events and exhibits can be great learning opportunities, and places to meet fellow wine-lovers!

2) Unmissable deals

Being a part of a wine club opens the doors to tempting offers, and exclusive opportunities to buy at a great price. You could get a set of wines for a price that’s lower than if you bought them individually, or better yet, you could get an exclusive offer on wines from the club. Whether by the bottle or by the crate, if you’re a lover of great wine, the further your dollar goes, the more wine you have to celebrate and share.

3) Early bird access

Another benefit of belonging to a wine club is that you get a first look at new wine releases, limited edition wines, and exclusive bottlings. Depending on the offer, you could even enjoy early access to these special releases long before they are made available to the public. In some cases, these editions may even be exclusively for members, and may not ever be open to public purchase.

4) Improved variety in taste

When you’re an individual connoisseur of wines, your experience and preferences often limit your wine collection to some tried and tested names. However, when you join a wine club, that could change. You can grow your knowledge, try wines you would never have tried otherwise, and you may even fall in love with some wines you would have never believed you would even like.

5) Greater selection of wines

While the availability of fine wine in specialist stores and retailers has improved hugely over the last 20 years, a store is limited in a way a wine club isn’t. This is because wine clubs have advantages like access to some of the finest editions, phenomenal purchasing power, and curators who help select rare, fun, and unique wines to stock the shelves.

6) Convenient and regular delivery 

Once you experience the joy of having your favorite wines delivered to your doorstep like clockwork, you’ll be glad you joined a wine club. All you need to do is select your preferences and sit back, because the club will take care of everything else.

7) Education from the experts

This, perhaps, is the single most compelling reason to join a wine club. When you become a part of a club, you not only receive fine wines and great deals; you get a lot more. You get to read up on the wines you receive and understand what goes into making them. You can even meet the experts in person to share your oenophilia and grow your knowledge.

All in all, when you join a wine club, you gain so much for so little. And best of all, you always have something fascinating to contribute at dinner parties.

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