Fall Vineyard Wedding Inspiration

October 23rd, 2023


For many, fall is a favorite season. It ushers in sweater weather, coveted steaming cups of PSL's, the beginning of baking season, the changing of leaves and the beauty of a fall color palette. It is honestly a romantic season, when the mild temperatures still beckon us outside to enjoy nature's beauty before the cold of winter sets in. With the autumnal Cass Vineyard as a backdrop, wedding celebrations take on the romance and coziness of Hygge, the Scandinavian art-form of creating an atmosphere of warmth, contentment and comfort. In other words, autumn gives a running start to punctuating your wedding celebration with the feeling of hospitality.

Photo Cred: Lauren Cate Photo

When it comes to the romance of weddings, it is the perfect backdrop for breathtaking moments.The days are growing shorter, which translates to an earlier "golden hour" that highlights a wedding ceremony with warm light and drama.

Photo Cred: Lauren Cate Photo | Amanda Gillian Photo | Kelley W Photo 

While California is notorious for not having true seasons, we are blessed with the colors of the vineyard as the leaves turn from forest green to golds, oranges and reds. As the palette of Mother Natures takes on the warm hues of autumn, couples can enjoy the added drama and coziness of earth tones and rusts. 

Photo Credit: Michaela Maureen Photography | Eichar Photography | Yvonne Goll Photography | Emma Nicole Photography

The warm details of bread boards, the soft underbelly of magnolia leaves, the feathers of pampas grass and the softness of candlelight bring elements of Hygge to a celebration of love that feels effortless but impactful. 

Photo Credit: Lauren Cate Photo | Kelley W Photo | Lauren Cate Photo

The magic of the vineyard during autumn makes for some spectacular moments. 

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