Winter Vineyard Weddings at Cass Winery

December 30th, 2022


Winter is a time of quiet beauty on the vineyard. While nights are admittedly cold in Paso Robles, we enjoy an average of 286 days of sun every year. So, if you are dreaming of a beautiful winter wedding on a vineyard, Paso Robles offers the perfect backdrop for your nuptials. 

Traditionally at Cass Winery, we see gorgeous ceremonies under our 260 year old oak tree. The vineyard and hills strike a lovely emerald green punctuated by the geometry of the sleeping vines in winter. However, the beauty of the Barrel Room at Cass is its versatility in inclement weather. Our large expansive verandas offer heated shelter and sleek modern lines set against beautiful views in case of the dreaded four letter word: rain!

Photo Credit : Tori Hinojosa Photo

The views and organic beauty of the vineyard set off every bride's favorite element: the opportunity to accessorize. Winter weddings gather their own steam by the limitless wardrobe options for keeping the bride and bridal party warm. From shawls to edgy leather jackets, staying warm is a statement.

Photo Credit : Tayler Enerle Photography | Lindsey Gomes Photography | Kathryn Hornibrook Photography| Tayler Enerle Photography

Wardrobe aside, the height of drama is created inside the Barrel Room at Cass Winery. This is where a winter wedding can really play with color, texture and lighting to set a mood of chic romance. Play with the industrial modern vibe of the space, or flirt with opposites by draping in soft textures. The sky is the limit, but without the worries of the sky raining down or the wind howling through.

Photo Credit : Lindsey Gomes Photography | Tori Hinojosa Photo

Finally, winter brides get to set the mood of the fete with their own drama.  

Photo Credit : Kathryn Hornibrook Photography | Tori Hinojosa Photo

Cheers to unabashedly delving into a once-in-a-lifetime celebration and embracing the cool beauty of winter. 

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