How to Choose the Best Winery for Your Wedding

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January 2, 2018 | Blog | Cass Wines

How to Choose the Best Winery for Your Wedding

How to Choose the Best Winery for Your Wedding

Looking for the perfect wedding venue is an exciting time – but it can also be daunting. The range of options are huge, and it’s often hard to think creatively about a venue without worrying that you’ll miss something crucial for the big day. As more and more people look out for places that are more adventurous and original, you need peace of mind and a professional approach, with a venue that’s got all the bases covered. Wineries can be great options here – beautiful settings, insightful catering, and of course, wonderful wines and beverages. Here are a few things to think about before you choose the winery you want to use.

Look for a winery that’s an expert in hosting weddings

Before you set your heart on a particular winery, reach out to discuss how they can help you plan and carry out your day. You can save a lot of trouble by making sure they’re not only experts in wine, but also experts in the details of the day – catering, decoration, ceremonies, and planning. Even if you plan to gather services from a range of providers, or manage the day yourself, the day will be much smoother if your winery already knows how a wedding should flow. Our venue here at Cass Winery offers indoor and outdoor locations and provides a rustic beautiful atmosphere. We include the use of our facility, 2-night stay in our guesthouse, and vintage car for the lucky wedding couple. Click here to check out more information. ( 

Choose a venue that aligns with your vision

This one might be obvious but make sure the winery you choose fits the aesthetic you have in mind. If you want natural elements like big oak trees, an outdoor bar, and a very rustic experience; then choose a winery which can host all of those things for you. Also, knowing your estimated guest count ahead of time will help you determine your budget, and save you from headaches down the road. In addition, consider what you need most from the day – a beautiful location for photos or the ceremony, great catering, a professional to orchestrate the day – and make sure you’re getting what you want!

Does the venue layout fit my needs 

If you are doing the ceremony, reception, and hors orderves all in one venue, does it have separate spaces for all of those events? It's important to make sure you have enough space required to have all three in one venue. Typically, most wineries won't be able to accommodate all three scenarios, so make sure to ask the management. Here at Cass Winery, we have a range of options for you. Between the beautiful 200-year-old Oak Tree which is often recommended for picturesque wedding ceremonies, the library room which accommodates a more intimate dining experience for your guests, and the concert and banquet hall which is a great location for a live band and dancing we have all your needs covered. Did we mention we have an amazing rustic picnic location to enjoy your reception and cocktail hour surrounded by our vineyard? 

Consider how guests will get from point A to point B

Transportation and parking vary depending on the location of the venue but it's important to consider nearby hotels and inns, including how much they cost and whether there are enough rooms available. Also, it's important to consider parking and if there is on-site parking for guests at the venue. If parking is not available, consider options like valet parking or even shuttle buses to take guests back and forth. 

Check if the winery has any vendors they require

With all the emotions and excitement that comes with the early stages of planning a wedding, it is very easy for couples to get overwhelmed by all the options. Consider hiring a wedding planner or wedding coordinator early on the in the process to help you navigate through these decisions. Many times the venue will have preferred wedding planners or coordinators which know the location very well and can help with everything from transportation to which linens to rent. This can be a huge time saver as well as a money saver because wedding planners often have key relationships with vendors and can get you better deals. 

Ask about the services the winery offers

Much like other wedding venues, wineries may also offer additional services along with the wedding venue service. For instance, they may have their own venue coordinator or suggest a few photographers who have prior experience in capturing events with them. Some wineries may also offer complementary services; like on-site accommodations for getting ready and staying the night of the wedding, or a vintage car to transport the bride for a memorable arrival into her ceremony. For more information on the Cass Winery services click here. (

In the end, what makes a day wonderful is the combination of practical factors, all working perfectly around you at the heart; and the right paso robles winery can be a beautiful place to enjoy your day and forget about the practicalities. Give some thought to what you need, and then go ahead and enjoy your day!

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