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Remember the days of summer camp filled with FUN? They stimulated your creativity and bonded you with camp-mates in one effortless stroke. CASS is thrilled to introduce you and your team to ADULT "SUMMER" CAMP on our 145 acres of land in the beautiful wine country of Paso Robles, California. Choose from a variety of activities to craft a whole day excursion, or break up training sessions to create the perfect recipe for your team! Then let us highlight the day with our award winning cuisine and wine!


Farm + Garden Life

A Bee's Life | Olive Oil Pressing

Olive Oil Class

Learn the ancient art of harvesting and pressing this mediterranean wonder. Prized for its culinary beauty and its substantial health benefits, olive oil played a major role since 3000 B.C.E. Join us as we learn about this beloved fruit for it's golden elixir. Join Jennifer and Karen Tallent from Groves on 41 in this interactive seminar that will deepen your appreciation and knowledge. The experience concludes with an olive oil tasting and light fare. 

$60 per person | 6-40 people | 45-60 minutes


For an in-depth and hands-on experience, join us in the fall for our "Under the Paso Sun: Olive Harvest Retreat"

A Bee's Life

Experience the ancient magic of beekeeping. From hive science to honey extractions, your group will learn the latest buzz about these important pollinators. We will take you out to our onsite bee hives where you’ll suit up and learn how new hive installations draw connections between plants and herbs, pollen and pollinators. The experience concludes with a taste of honey served with an artisanal cheese and fruit platter. Note: If there are children in your group, they must be at least 6 years of age to attend.

$110 per person | 6-20 people | 120 minutes




Hungry + Thirsty Foodies

Cooking Classes | Winemaking | Sommelier Training

Nothing excites creativity and passion like food. Just listen to the volume and pitch of conversation rise as people converse about cuisine. Add in a dash of competition, a splash of liquid merriment, and some guidance from our culinary and beverage experts, and you’ve got a recipe for fun. Ask your Special Event Manager for details.

Chef Challenge

Inspired by the popular Food Network show of a similar name, the Chef Challenge is part team-bonding exercise and part crash-course in culinary skills. Everyone is a celebrity chef when competing in this lively competition. As the clock ticks, teams must prepare dishes using the ingredients and tools provided, including a “secret” ingredient revealed at the start of the event. Best for groups of 20 participants or more but can be customized for smaller groups.

 20–60 participants

10:00a–1:00p Challenge: Starting at $198++ per person; includes venue fee, Chef's fee, Light lunch buffet and non-alcoholic beverages. Wine tasting at an additional fee.

3:00p–5:00p Challenge: Starting at $220++ per person;  includes venue fee, Chef's fee, includes light hors d’oeuvres and CASS wine selections during activity.


Garden-to-Table Cooking Demo

Executive Chef Charlie Paladin Wayne and our talented culinary specialists team up for this authentic farmstead culinary experience in the Organic Garden. The activity begins with a talk from our organic gardening expert, who shares about the goodies in our abundant chef's gardens and how to bring garden freshness to your own table. Then our chef provides a cooking demonstration, walking you through the creative culinary process to combine fresh ingredients and serve up mouth-watering morsels.

$250++ per person includes venue fee, Organic Garden Specialist Fee, Chef’s Fee, cooking demo, small bites and a glass of wine | 10–40 people | 90–120 minutes

Lunch on the Veranda, for an additional fee and dependent on availability.



Kitchen Skills Cooking Class

Ready, set, learn. What do you, your colleagues and all your friends have in common? The love of food! Time to master some techniques and conquer some cheffing skills together. Under the direction of Executive Chef Charlie Paladin Wayne, you will learn the tricks that will take your cooking skills to the next level and “wow” your guests at dinner parties. Be prepared for lots of laughter, some incredible “yum” factor, and the chance to impress even yourself! This hands-on class will be followed by gathering around the communal table to enjoy the meal prepared together.

Daytime Class Fee: $185++ per person | Includes venue fee, Sommelier fee, gourmet cheese and charcuterie plates | 10–80 people | 11:00am-1:00pm

Evening Class Fee: $215++ per person | Includes venue fee, Sommelier fee, gourmet cheese and charcuterie plates | 10-80 people | 4:00pm-6:00pm

Evening classes may add dinner for an additional fee | Larger groups are welcome but may require more time, space and AV setup. Ask for pricing. 



Winemaker in Training

A signature CASS experience for creative competition! The goal: create your very own wine blend. The group splits up into teams of 4-8 people, and each team works together in sipping their way to a balanced blend of Rhone or Bordeaux varietals. Next: the Marketing Challenge. The vintners turn into the marketing team by accepting the challenge of designing and producing a label for their bottles. They present the label to the group in a 30-second commercial. Teams are scored and awarded based on creativity, time management, following directions, and having fun. Experience also includes charcuterie and gourmet cheese plates.

Daytime Class Fee: $300 Venue Fee | $350 Sommelier Fee | $120++ per person | 10-80 people

Evening Class Fee: $600 Venue Fee | $350 Sommelier Fee | $120++ per person | 10-80 people

Larger groups are welcome but may require additional time, space, and AV setup; pricing will be quoted accordingly.


For an in-depth and hands-on experience, join us in the fall for our "Winemaker's Dude Ranch: Grape Harvest Retreat"


Sip Like a Sommelier

Cass Winery offers the perfect educational venue to become a more advanced taster and wine aficionado. Our Wine & Certified Sommelier, guides you through a lively, sensory experience that includes analysis and tasting of wines. Through a different, stimulating and interactive learning experience, you will cover such topics as the recognition and identification of aromas, practice the various tasting techniques, and broaden your wine vocabulary while deepening your understanding of the language of wine. Our Sommelier promises a lively, sensory learning experience involving analysis, discussion and tasting. By the end of the session you, too, will see how discovering the nuances of wine can be simple and above all, fun!

Daytime Class Fee: $125 per person | Includes: venue fee and Sommelier fee | 10-40 people | 90 minutes

Evening Class Fee: $155 per person |Includes: venue fee and Sommelier fee | 10-40 people | 90 minutes

Larger groups can be accommodated upon request. Enhance the experience with lunch or dinner; ask your Special Event Manager for pricing and menu options.



Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Color War | Winery Race | Scavenger Hunt

There’s nothing like friendly competition to build team spirit. Tap into your group’s passion and energy and remind everyone that it’s not always about winning; it’s about discovering each other’s strengths and talents, and learning through victory and defeat.

Color War

This is the pinnacle of any summer camp experience! Tie on your colored bandana and get ready for a Color War where friends and colleagues turn into allies and adversaries in a playful fight to the end! Watch the morale and excitement build as the fun escalates. Participants are divided into teams identified by colored bandanas and compete in a variety of challenges, ranging from relay races to tongue twisters to survival competitions. The War is capped off with a nail-biting, all-team competitive race. Facilitated by our experienced Activities Staff, the customizable activities bring your team together and help you learn more about the personalities in your organization. Includes prizes for the winning team! Requires minimum of 90 minutes.

Signature Color War

$150 per person | 24–160 participants

Premium Color War

$180 per person | 24–160 participants | Includes 2 glasses of wine per participant

Larger groups accommodated upon request. Smaller groups may also be accommodated, but minimum pricing applies.


Winery Race

An “Amazing Race”-inspired competition, the Winery Race is a fast-paced event custom designed by our Activities Team to lead participants on a wild chase around the winery’s 145-acre playground! Teams “travel” to different destinations around the property, using only a map of the landscape, their collective smarts, and a simple clue. Upon arriving at each location, they participate in a group or single-player challenge to gain points and earn a clue to the next leg of their journey. As with all of our team-bonding offerings, you will work closely with our Activities Team to create a customized event that will match your unique culture and objectives. Includes prizes for the winning team! Requires minimum of 2 hours.

Signature Winery Race:
$150 per person | 20-160 participants

Premium Winery Race:
$180 per person | 20-160 participants | Includes 2 glasses of wine per participant

Larger groups accommodated upon request. Smaller groups may also be accommodated, but minimum pricing applies.



Shutterbug Photo Scavenger Hunt

At the winery, we are surrounded by scenic beauty, but you’ll also see plenty of entertaining characters! From chickens to quirky CASS teammates in the tasting room, everyone and everything is fair game for this out-of-the-box photographic scavenger hunt. Teams will be given a list of objects, poses, or people to capture on their smart phones, and the team that earns the most points wins bragging rights and a glass of their CASS fav! (Alternate prizes available upon request.) Perfect for a break between events, a transition between work and play, or just some good ol’ fashioned get-out-and-have-fun!

$60 per person | 6–100 participants | 45–60 minutes

Larger groups available upon request.



Adventures Abound

Archery | Horseback Riding | Photography


Once used by our ancestors to bring food to the cook-fires, the practice of archery is a fascinating confluence of discipline and energy, focus and stamina. With guidance from our expert instructors, your group will learn the skill and pure enjoyment that comes from target-based archery. Choose from the following packages, or call the Activities Team for a customized experience. Note: Sobriety required. Participants must be at least 13 years of age to attend. For youth archery programs, inquire with your Group Activity Coordinator. Sessions offered Mondays-Saturday every week.

Bronze Archery Session

The Bronze Session includes a safety briefing, equipment, individual instruction, and tips and advice from the instructor throughout the session. We promise that we’ll get everyone hitting the target! 

$65 per person | 2–20 participants | 60 minutes | Public classes every Friday & Saturday 

Silver Archery Package

In addition to everything included in the Bronze Session, this package offers a final competition in which you’ll learn how to score and host a shoot-off for a dozen arrows. The top three archers receive a prize!

$100 per person | 8–20 participants | 90 minutes

Gold Archery Package

Go for the gold! Try our extended 2-hour session with extra games in addition to the shoot- off competition. In this experience, archers compete for bronze, silver, and gold prizes plus champagne for the top archer! An optional break may be scheduled into the session.

$125 per person | 10–20 participants | 120 minutes


Horseback Riding

Experience the vineyard in a whole new way, on horseback, with a ride from Central Coast Trail Rides. Partnering with Cass for this wonderful opportunity, Crystal & Brian offer a safe, relaxing ride guaranteed to take you to another place in time.

$150-$200 per person

Minimum age requirement 5 years or older.



Outdoor Photography Workshops

Create Your Best Shot: Basics for the Modern Photographer

Do you know what sets the best photographers apart from the rest? Photo composition. In this on-property class, you’ll learn how to create beautiful photos anytime, anywhere. We will talk about and then practice finding the right lighting, angle, and focal compositions. Bring whatever camera you use most—DSLR, smart phone, any will do!

$125 per person | 10-person minimum | 120–150 minutes (includes 45-minute seminar, 75–105-minute photography walk)



Paint + Sip

Sip on some CASS wine while local artists from ArtSocial 805 take you step-by-step to create your own masterpiece. Each guest will have their own art station, complete with an easel, canvas, paint, brushes, mixing palette, and a glass of wine of course! The local artist will work with you to select the art design of your choice. Even better, paint the beautiful vineyards surrounding you while sitting under our Ceremony Oak Tree! By the end of the class, we will have you painting like a pro.

Class Fee: $60-80 per person | 5-20 people

Class Fee: $155 per person | 1-4 people



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